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WHO: Tobacco use falling, urge countries to invest in helping more people to quit tobacco

A new World Health Organization (WHO) shows 60 countries are on track to reduce tobacco usage from 2010-2025 by 30 percent or more. The report also says investment in evidence-based practices like funding quitlines (among other cessation practices) could help more than 150 million people quit. To read the report, follow the link.

Almost Half of Lung Cancer Patients Still Smoked After Surgery

Tobacco addiction is an addiction. It is hard for people to quit, especially on the first try. This article shows many who’ve gone through surgical treatment found there way back to tobacco after a year. To read the article, click here

Johns Hopkins finds thousands of unknown chemicals in e-cigarettes

A recent Johns Hopkins study found thousands of previously undetected chemicals in vapor from e-products. Previous studies of e-cigarettes have looked specifically for evidence of the hazardous chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. But here the researchers performed a non-targeted analysis to explore the full range of chemicals both in the vaping liquid and the aerosols. […]

FDA Permits Marketing of E-Cigarette Products

The FDA approved marketing for 3 e-cigarette products on Tuesday, marking the first approvals under the new Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) pathway. TFND does not support the agency’s decision. Executive Director Heather Austin released this statement in response to the FDA’s decision: “We are deeply concerned about the 3 products newly designated by the […]