New Study Shows E-Cigarette Companies Used COVID-19 Pandemic to Boost Sales

A new study published in Tobacco Control shows how various e-cigarette companies used different stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to boost sales of their products, including using misleading language about the effects of their products. To read the full study, click here

Foster County Passes Tobacco Free Park Policy

Congratulations to Foster County for passing a tobacco free parks policy! These policies are critical to ensure every North Dakotan breathes clean air in public places. Thanks to all parties and the commission who worked so hard on to make this happen. To read the policy, click here. 

FDA Issues Warning to 10 Companies for Illegal Marketing

The FDA issued a letter to 10 companies on July 20, including Puff Bar, to “remove their flavored disposable e-cigarettes and youth-appealing e-liquid products from the market because they do not have the required premarket authorization.” Puff Bar announced on July 13 they were suspending sales of their product in the United States, but not […]

Puff Bar Suspends Sales in United States

Puff Bar is Suspending US Sales- Full Article This article appeared on,  a website which is part of the Institute for Nonprofit News collaborative. The July 13 article describes some background into the owners of Puff Bar and how the company is entangled in two different US lawsuits.