*The deadline to submit an entry is 11:59PM April 26, 2024. Please continue to follow TFND social media for more updates.*

Tobacco Free North Dakota announces the return of our annual Video Essay Scholarship Contest for all North Dakota high school seniors. TFND is a statewide nonprofit that advocates for policies to prevent youth initiation to tobacco and nicotine products with the goal of creating North Dakota’s first tobacco free generation. We hope this scholarship contest encourages youth to youth education and advocacy, while providing TFND an opportunity to recognize and reward those efforts. Here’s how it works!

1. Create a 1–3 minute YouTube video based on one of these Tobacco Free ND
• The tobacco industry wants to bring smoking back into public places. Interview your family,
friends, and community members about what it was like when there was smoking in places
like restaurants, offices, and even the legislature.
• You get to make the laws for a day- what laws do you make relating to tobacco products?
• Tobacco products are a leading cause of pollution worldwide- show us how tobacco pollution
affects your community and what can be done to stop it.
• Tobacco companies spend millions of dollars every year marketing their products to
the next generation of potential customers- Youth. How would you convince young
people to stay tobacco/nicotine free?

2. Email your video entry, along with all completed forms attached, by 11:59pm
April 26, 2024 to andrew@tfnd.org. YOU MUST SUBMIT THE VIDEO FILE,
NOT YOUTUBE LINK! A committee will select the top video. Here are some examples of past submissions

You don’t need fancy cameras to make great videos. Read our 2024-Video-Essay-Scholarship-Press-Packet for great tips on how make a make a winning video!