TFND Webinar Series- Coalition Building 2

TFND Announces Video Essay Scholarship Winner

TFND Educational Webinar Series: Coalition Building

TFND Educational Webinar Series- Cessation March 24, 2022

New Research Shows Vaping May Cause Gum Disease

Safer doesn’t mean safe when it comes to electronic cigarettes. New research is showing vaping causes the growth of bacteria associated with gum disease. The study also found electronic products caused more gum ligament and tissue separating from a tooth’s surface even than cigarette smokers.  To read to article, click here


To read the full study, click here.

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Inforum: Fargo Mom of Triplets Successful in Maternal Tobacco Cessation Program

Talk about determination from this Fargo mom of three. Navigating triplets, supply issues for formula and diapers, and quitting tobacco, single mom Amy Fossum is a success story for the state’s maternal tobacco cessation program. Click here to read the full story

TFND Video Essay Scholarship Contest is Back!

TFND is proud to announce our Video Essay Scholarship Contest has returned! The contest is open to all North Dakota high school seniors with a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship for college! For more information, please read the rules and regulations in our 2022 Video Essay Scholarship Press Packet.

American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control Report

The American Lung Association released their 2022 State of Tobacco Control report, grading how state perform on a number of tobacco control metrics. North Dakota scored high on our smoke-free air law, but very poor on taxes. To read the full report, click here.

Mayo Clinic: People who vape are more likely to get COVID symptoms

If you use e-cigarettes and test positive for COVID-19, you’re more likely to develop symptoms than people who don’t vape. Mayo Clinic researchers studied the frequency of common COVID symptoms experienced by vapors and compared them to those of people who didn’t vape. To read the full story, click here.