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American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control Report

The American Lung Association released their 2022 State of Tobacco Control report, grading how state perform on a number of tobacco control metrics. North Dakota scored high on our smoke-free air law, but very poor on taxes. To read the full report, click here.

Mayo Clinic: People who vape are more likely to get COVID symptoms

If you use e-cigarettes and test positive for COVID-19, you’re more likely to develop symptoms than people who don’t vape. Mayo Clinic researchers studied the frequency of common COVID symptoms experienced by vapors and compared them to those of people who didn’t vape. To read the full story, click here.

TFND Webinar Series: Policy

On January 20, TFND executive Director Heather Austin led a webinar on how to work on tobacco policy in North Dakota. That video can be viewed by clicking here.

CTFK: North Dakota Ranks top-5 in Funding for Tobacco Control Program

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids released its state by state look at tobacco control funding. North Dakota ranks 5th nationally for funding at 58 percent of the CDC recommended level. North Dakota’s legislature increased tobacco control funding during the 2021 legislative session. You can read the report here.

NDSU: E-Liquid Labels Don’t Match Contents

North Dakota State University’s Kelly Buettner-Schmidt has also done multiple studies proving the contents of e-liquid containers don’t match the labels. Below is an excerpt to a summary of the piece: “In December 2021, the North Dakota State University Tobacco Control and Prevention Research Team published an article1 in the journal, The Nurse Practitioner. I […]

Almost Half of Lung Cancer Patients Still Smoked After Surgery

Tobacco addiction is an addiction. It is hard for people to quit, especially on the first try. This article shows many who’ve gone through surgical treatment found there way back to tobacco after a year. To read the article, click here