Letter: Cigarettes kill more than wars do

By: Jay Taylor, Durbin, N.D., INFORUM
As I write this, I’m looking at a Forum editorial reminding me to take time to honor the war dead, and in my heart and head, I do that. I’m writing this after Memorial Day as I would not want to take one bit of respect away from the brave soldiers who have defended our country.
I am writing this to honor one particular World War II veteran who served in Germany and came home with stories that he couldn’t even bear to tell until shortly before his death at the age of 56. The war couldn’t kill him; the memories couldn’t kill him; working six to seven days a week couldn’t kill him. Cigarettes did! He was tough but not tough enough. He died from his addiction to smoking cigarettes. So as we honor those who fought for our country’s freedom, let’s take a moment to honor those who fought addictions fed by serving in the military, among other places.
Cigarettes and tobacco products are killing more people than wars ever could. Let’s fight that battle, too.