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Homeless North Texans being weaned from tobacco

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — When he was sent to Vietnam in 1970, Travis Dorsey quickly picked up a smoking habit. As the stress of being in a war zone took its toll, Dorsey found comfort in cigarettes. “They started giving them to us with our meals, they called them C-rations, and the next thing you […]

E-cigs may deliver more toxins than smoke, researchers say

By Andy Soltis Don’t make that nicotine switch just yet. E-cigarette users may be getting higher concentrations of toxins than regular smokers because they inhale deeper and more frequently when they puff, NYU researchers say. Although they are often touted as a safer alternative, e-cigs, introduced in the States in 2007, haven’t been in use long […]

CHART OF THE DAY: How Cigarettes Became Bigger Than Spitting Tobacco 100 Years Ago

SAM RO, Business Insider These days, you can’t talk about tobacco without talking about the rise of e-cigarettes. “By year-end 2013, the e-cigarette category is expected to have doubled to over $1B from $500MM in 2012, according to various industry sources,” noted RBC Capital analyst Nik Modi. Still, e-cigarettes represent a very tiny fraction of the tobacco business. […]

E-cigs: Just how safe are they?

Article by: JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune One of the great unanswered questions for smokers who are trying to quit — and for the advocacy groups trying to help them — is whether electronic cigarettes are friends or foes. University of Minnesota researchers aim to address that dilemma with a study examining exactly what smokers inhale when […]

National Report: North Dakota Ranks 1st in Protecting Kids from Tobacco

Washington, DC – Fifteen years after the 1998 state tobacco settlement, North Dakota ranks 1st in the nation in funding programs to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit, according to a national report released today by a coalition of public health organizations. North Dakota currently spends $9.5 million a year on tobacco prevention […]

Letter to the Editor: E-cigarettes aren’t a solution for those addicted to nicotine

By: Jim Tennant, Napa After reading the story about a new e-cigarette store in Napa, I was disappointed that your reporter uncritically repeated the propaganda that the e-cigarette industry (which is being taken over by the traditional tobacco industry) has been feeding the public (“E-cig entrepreneur hopes to blow away tobacco cigarettes,” Nov. 20). In fact, […]

Study: Teens' E-Cigarette Use Promotes Heavy Tobacco Use

By: Jessica Berman WASHINGTON — According to the first-ever study on the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, by young people, researchers have found that the devices, marketed as an alternative to real cigarettes, appear to fuel heavy smoking among youth. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that look like cigarettes and deliver a smokeless aerosol of nicotine, flavorings and other […]

E-cigarettes sprouting promise and questions

With a preoccupied gaze into the distance, Matt Tlougan inhales from the mouthpiece of a device held in his hand. A battery in its base powers a heating unit that vaporizes a concoction of confectioners’ flavors and nicotine, “juice,” as it’s known. A few moments later, a gray-white cloud rolls out of his nostrils and […]

City poised to ban lighting up in public parks

By: Gary J. Remal Boston is poised to fine anyone who smokes in its parks, including those who light up cigarettes or joints or who puff on e-cigarettes. City councilors yesterday approved the ban, which also would apply to other property controlled by the Parks and Recreation Commission, and includes a $250 fine for each violation. […]

The Truth About The Safety Of E-Cigarettes

By Christopher Wanjek, Columnist At first, electronic cigarettes were a novelty — something a braggart in a bar might puff to challenge the established no-smoking policy, marveling bystanders with the fact that the smoke released from the device was merely harmless vapor. Now, e-cigarettes are poised to be a billion-dollar industry, claimed as the solution […]